Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Peace by Piece IV

Marie is very prolific and very creative. Here is one of her quilts. I love the bright colors!
This is another of Marie's quilts, a lovely Drunkard's Path, with creative pieced borders.
Kirsten has so far been the most prolific of the group. She has completed several baby quilts.
This is Kirsten's diamond shaped baseball quilt made for her nephew.
Kirsten hand appliqued this quilt inspired by one she saw at the Gees Bend show. Last I heard, she was in the process of hand-quilting it. I especially like the blue block in the upper most right corner. She told me that she made it because she lost a block she was working on at the celebratory service held in memory of our friend, Lewis Sinclair. I love the symbolism: the block is unique but nevertheless fits in and looks just right with the rest; Lewis was most definitely unique, yet he was such an integral part of all the rest of us and made us all feel as if we belonged together.Another beautiful baby quilt by Kirsten.

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