Sunday, May 10, 2009

Peace by Piece II

Most of the time, we would just meet and folks would work on their individual projects. I showed the beginners step by step how to do their individual quilts and/or people would ask questions or brainstorm how to proceed. Mica and Shelby opted to piece their quilts by machine so after cutting their fabric, they didn't do much actual sewing during our meetings.

Towards the end, when I realized that I would be leaving soon and there was a lot left to pass on, I tried to focus on one particular skill during each meeting, focusing on the skills they would need to complete their quilts after I was gone!

At our last meeting, we met at Michelle's house for a special class on binding. Though Shelby had pretty much dropped out of the group by then, due to scheduling conflicts and her new job, she was able to join us at Michelle's. The following pictures are all from that night.
Kirsten, Sara and Marie.
Ela and Shelby.
Only Ela is not in this picture. Shelby, Kirsten, Sara, Mica and Marie.
Ela, Kirsten, Sara and Mica.

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