Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Peace by Piece III

While not everybody finished her quilt while I was still around, most made significant progress. It was especially exciting for me to see what happened to the quilts for which I had helped buy fabrics.This is a picture of Sara proudly showing off her top. She subsequently added a border and had it machine-quilted by Regina Carter. I have not yet seen it with a binding.
Ela showing off her first finished block. And, below, is a picture of all her finished blocks laid out as she wanted to put them together.

This is Mica's quilt. She told me that after this picture, she bought additional fabrics to make it even larger.

Unfortunately, Shelby more or less dropped out before I could get a picture of what happened with her quilt. Kirsten had already started at least one project before we started our group. I believe this is her first finished quilt.
And, if I am not mistaken, this is the back of Kirsten's first quilt.

I am waiting for and looking forward to pictures of the quilts as they continue to move towards their final states! Stand by for more adventures of the Peace by Piecers!

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