Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Halloween for Julia

After making Sara's quilt, naturally I had lots of Halloween fabrics left. And who better to make a Halloween quilt for than Julia Hicks, my long time friend and colleague at the Southern Center. Julia keeps the Southern Center running with her quiet and gentle firmness, her devotion to the Center and our work, and her incredible and conscientious attention to detail.

And, Julia's birthday is on Halloween.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Charity Quilts

I made these two little easy quilts and hand quilted them for charity. The one on the left went to a project started by my doctor's partner, Dr. Jim Braude. The project collects furniture, bedding, kitchen supplies, and other basic things for battered women who are trying to transition back into society from Battered Women's shelters with their children. Check out information abot the project at:

The one on the right went to Project Linus - a national organization with many local chapters which collects and distributes quilts and other blankets to children who have been victims of various forms of trauma.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Pink top for Sarah

I made this pink top - hand pieced all but the borders of it - for my friend and colleague, Sarah Geraghty. When Sarah came to the Southern Center as a student, she learned that I was a quilter and we talked about it and her interest in it as well. A while later, she was kind enough to pick up and send me some Liberty fabrics while she worked in London for a spell.

Later, Sarah came to work at the Center as an attorney, and we tried to do some quilting together. Sarah LOVES pink, so for her 30th birthday I pulled almost all of my pink fabrics, and gave them to her hoping it would encourage her to make a pink quilt for herself. She started cutting a few pieces but never really found the time to become serious about it. She works so hard and diligently - doing wonderfully creative and effective work for poor people in prisons and jails in Georgia and Alabama - and takes very little time for herself or anything else besides work.

So, a couple of years later, seeing that she was getting nowhere, I asked if I could have the pinks back and make a top for her. She agreed and I made this. It was constructed with 9-patches - as are all of the monochromatic quilts I have made so far. Each block has nine 3" squares of different fabrics. I am not sure how many different fabrics are in the quilt in all, but I would guess it is well over 30. Parts of the Liberty fabrics Sarah originally gave me are in it.

After I finished the top and gave it to her - it is shown here at the Southern Center held by Mica and Anne - Sarah had it machine quilted by Regina Carter. Last I knew, she still had not put a binding on it but was using it on her bed.