Thursday, July 15, 2010

Blooming Paducah

I bought the fabrics for this quilt quite a few years ago the first time I was in Paducah. On the way back from a visit to Kentucky, while we still lived in Atlanta, Steve and I stopped by Paducah and visited the National Quilt Museum. I also got to visit Hancocck's of Paducah while Steve and Jesse stayed at the hotel and it was then I bought fabrics for this quilt. But they sat around for several years before the opportunity to make the blooming nine-patch finally came around.
I hand and machine pieced the quilt which finished at 80" x 90" starting a couple of months before we moved to Kentucky in 2008, so it ended up being a longer than usual process as it had to be packed away while the actual packing, move, and unpacking took place. After I unpacked it again and finished it, the quilt itself went back to Georgia to be machine quilted by Regina Carter.
But then it happened to be finished just in time to become a perfect wedding present for our friend Jim Jenkins. Jim, a fellow Atlanta criminal defense lawyer, married Ann Roan, a mother of two and training director of the Boulder, CO, public defender office, on June 5, 2010, and we got to go to the wedding. Jim is a wonderful friend and supporter of us and our work, and he is very generously letting Steve use his Atlanta condo so Steve has a place to live whenever he is in Atlanta. So I was especially glad that I had a nice quilt ready which we could give to them for their wedding.
Jim and Ann have told us that they plan on hanging the quilt in their home in Boulder and have enlisted the help on Ann's mother, a master seamstress, to make a sleeve for the quilt.

And voila! About 6 weeks after the wedding, I received the following picture of Ann and her mother posing with the quilt which now has a sleeve and hangs on an invisible hanger!


Sara Ashes said...

absolutely beautiful!

Ann said...

It looks so perfect up on our bedroom wall! Each time we look at it (which is often!) we see some new small miracle. Lucky us!