Sunday, August 15, 2010

Fugleornitologi for Avancerede

This quilt has a Danish name which translated to English means approximately "Advanced Bird Ornithology." It is in Danish because I made it for my father, who is Danish and a big birder. ("Big" because he is a tall and large man and he is REALLY into birding). I know that "bird ornithology" is duplicative and silly, but my father and his friends have for years referred to themselves as bird ornithologists. They not only like to look at birds, they also like to be silly and play with words.
The main fabrics in this quilt are state bird fabrics which I collected several years ago when they were being sold, shortly after the first set of state flower fabrics. I was never sure that the full set of state bird fabrics were ever produced or that I was ever able to get all of them but eventually I stopped worrying about that and made the quilt with what I had, which turned out to be 21 different fabrics. However, only 20 of the fabrics made the quilt, logistically it worked out better that way, and the cardinal fabric didn't go that well with the rest.

Though, regretfully I failed to acknowledge her significant contribution on the label, I could not have designed the quilt without the help and encouragement from my friend and fellow quilter Debbie Steinmann. It was Debbie who encouraged me to use the many diffferent tree, grass, and leaf fabrics in a strippy sashing which I had 1) worried would be too busy and 2) been reluctant to embark on because other options would have been a lot less time consuming. However, I am so glad I took her sage advice and very happy with the effect and outcome.
The quilt, which is throw sized, was machine quilted to perfection by Regina Carter. I brought it to Denmark in person this August to hand to my father as a belated 78th birthday present, as I am loath to send quilts in the mail from the US to Denmark. I am pleased to say that my father seemed very happy with the quilt.

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