Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Eye Candy

I know some people theorize that it is better for babies to look at simple shapes with stark color contrasts - such as the red, black, and red ones in this baby quilt - or perhaps the theory is that these are the only kinds of things that babies can actually see? Obviously I am no expert on either babies or their eyes, but I loved the panel with its silly figures, and in my opinion, a baby quilt, and at least the intricacies of the fabric choices, is probably enjoyed a lot more by the quilter and perhaps the parents of the child, than by the baby to whom it is given.

But "my theory" about baby eyes together with the licorice candy fabric which a friend had given to me, which I put on the back of the quilt, led me to name the quilt: "Eye Candy," and I thought that it would at least be a lively, fun, and colorful quilt for a baby. So, I sent it to California when our friend and former co-worker Kate gave birth to her first-born Leo.

Fortunately for Leo's parents, it does not appear that bright colors, silly shapes, and sharp contrasts will keep him awake. Here's to hoping that he continues to be a good sleeper throughout his time on earth.

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