Saturday, May 29, 2010

Pieceful Challenge

One of the first friends I made here in Danville was Bev. She is a quilter and a "dog person," on the Board of the Humane Society and an active volunteer with several of its programs. So we have a lot in common. Bev invited me to join her guild, the Pieceful Hearts Quilters, which meets at the Extension office in Lincoln County.
I made this quilt in last year's guild challenge. It was not a very difficult challenge. We were each given 8 fat quarters of coordinating fabrics of which we had to use all but one. We could add as many new and as much fabric as we wanted, had to make at least a 40" by 60" quilt, but could use any pattern we wanted.

I added several fabrics from my stash and also bought some until I had a total of 21 fat quarters which is what this pattern, which I found in a magazine, called for. The pattern by Karen Dumont, is called "Warm and Cozy Patchwork." I hand pieced the top while I was in Denmark during the summer of 2009, and the quilt, which finished measures 60" x 70", was machine quilted by Regina Carter.
One of the things which is so nice about living here in Danville, is that we get to visit with Steve's extended family on a more regular basis. The Richardsons, though not actually related, are nevertheless as close as family can be. Guy Richardson was best friends with Steve's father since they were about 3 or 4 years old; his wife Sue is Steve's mother's best friend; the Richardsons' four children grew up with Steve and his siblings like cousins; Steve worked bagging groceries in the Richardsons' store as did Steve's nephew; and when Steve argued at the Supreme Court a couple of years ago, the Richardsons traveled to Washington, DC, to hear him.

I happened to get this quilt back and have the binding on it right in time for Guy Richardson's birthday and as it also happened that he had to go to the hospital on his birthday, it occurred to me that he could probably put it to good use so Steve and I gave it to him when we went to see him shortly thereafter. A few weeks later, we took him out to lunch and I sewed the label on while we ate lunch at O'Charley's.

This quilt has definitely found its rightful home, I am only sorry I didn't know from the minute I started working on it, that was where it belonged.

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