Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Dog Bed 19

This may have been the largest dog bed I ever made.  In fact, when I finished it, I thought it was ridiculously large.  So I decided to give it to my friend Cheri, who is a dog trainer - also known as Danville's dog whisperer.  She has several dogs of her own, and also boards dogs at her home, so there are frequently quite a few dogs at her house.  I knew the dog bed would be used at that house no matter how large it was.

Additionally, Cheri had recently adopted a beautiful young black German Shepherd, Levi,  from our Mutts With Manners program.  Levi was in the same "class" at the prison as my own recently adopted dog, Luka.  The prisoners who train the dogs have five dogs per class and name them alphabetically, five dogs per letter.
I knew Levi was a big dog, but I didn't realize that I actually had made the bed the exactly right size for him.  As soon as he got on it, I realized it was just right for him and it just affirmed my decision to give the bed to Cheri.

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