Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Notebook Covers

This is another example of my mental block when it comes to sewing - or at least completing - anything that is not a quilt. Inspired by lots of quilt magazine suggestions and especially a couple of really nice book covers whipped out by my BFF Michelle Hiskey, I decided several years ago to try my hand at some notebook covers.

I pieced the three basic covers at a retreat, but then put them aside and they resided uneasily on my shelf, on my list of works in progress, and in the back of my head for years. And it was only because I just absolutely cannot stand not to finish a project once started, (and because they had been on my closer list twice without getting done!) - definitely not because I wanted to - that I finally made myself finish them at another retreat in 2011.
Of course, when they were finally done, I was quite happy that I did finish them and didn't just throw the whole mess away, which is what I really and truly would have done if my obsessive personality just would've let me! Nevertheless, I am quite clear that I'm never going to make any notebook covers again. It's so silly, because it really wasn't difficult, nor did it take very much time. But there is something about making something that isn't a quilt which I just don't enjoy at all.

Having finished the notebook covers, I gave them away as Christmas presents to my cousin Anne Mette, my sister Vibeke, and my aunt (Moster) Lene. The scraps used to make Anne Mette's and Lene's notebook covers respectively, we're from their quilts.

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Sara Ashes said...

Love that you've been blogging and posting, Charlotta! I love to see all your beautiful work. I really like these notebook covers, too!