Saturday, December 24, 2011

Monkey Luv

The second sock monkey quilt I made in the fall of 2011, ended up being a little bit bigger than the first one. It turned out being just right that this one went to Baby Marlon, because he was a healthy big baby, much bigger that Baby Shai who got the smaller first quilt!

Marlon is the son of my good friend Melanie and her husband Jonathan, and most importantly, the younger brother of Lucas. I worked with Melanie for many years at the Southern Center where she still works as managing attorney of the civil litigation section - I'm not sure that's what they actually call it, when I was there we didn't have managing attorneys :) - but she supervises all the prison and jail litigation. At least when she's not on maternity leave. I have no idea what they do when she's not there! But I'm sure they manage, because they have to!
Unfortunately, because I live so far away, I haven't gotten much of a chance to get to know Lucas. But Melanie has been really sweet about sending pictures now and then - and I also get some myself occasionally from her and Jonathan's FB pages.

And I haven't even had a chance to meet, let alone get to know Marlon yet! But Melanie sent me this picture recently of Marlon, and his cousin Ray, both enjoying the baby quilt. Marlon is the cute one on the left (not that Ray isn't a sweet looking little fellow, of course!). I always love, more than anything, getting pictures of my quilts in use, so thanks a million, Melanie!

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VeeV said...

a comment you made on dining room empire lots of quilts away....and you have to keep making them, it's too much fun to stop.

oh such perfect sentiment here too.
now with the monkey quilt, you said its so great when you get sent pictures of your quilts being used. also a sentiment of mine.

i want my quilts to be used, and enjoyed.....and i like to see them being enjoyed....

glad i found your blog.... i'm just starting your blog; i look forward to seeing what you've been doing.