Friday, February 11, 2011

Small Change

I had some fabric left over from the quilt I made for Lauren and Michael as a wedding present, see, so when they had a baby, I thought I would be fun to use that for the baby quilt. I used a different pattern so the quilt looks very different.
I hand pieced the top, and quilted it on my own machine, which I managed because it wasn't that big. The name of the quilt refers not to my guess that Maya would only bring a small amount of change to the lives of her parents - in fact, though she was small and cute (see photo below!), I know for a fact their lives will never be the same and that she is probably the biggest thing ever to have happened in their lives. Rather, the pattern used in the quilt is a variation of the Chinese Coins pattern, and the name derives there-from. Since nothing else related to the quilt is Chinese, I thought it would only be confusing to leave that in the name.

I hand delivered the quilt on a visit to Atlanta when Maya was about a month old, so I got to hold her and get a picture of her on the quilt - one of my favorite things! She looks pretty good on it, and as it is folded, it clearly is big enough for to grow a bit!

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