Tuesday, February 1, 2011


I have to admit that every now and again I get just a bit tired of making baby quilts. Of course, I have loved making them for my nieces and nephews and for children of close friends. But, especially since moving to Kentucky, it's been a little harder to continue to be equally excited about making baby quilts for all the friends in Atlanta who are having babies when I'm so far away, not at all present for the pregnancy and often don't even get to meet the baby after its born.

I often joke that at my age, and since I didn't have any children of my own, it doesn't seem like I should know that many people who were having babies! But, of course, I'm quite happy to know and have friends who are younger than I am, and I am glad and reassured that the bright, creative, and loving young people Steve and I know are among those who are choosing to contribute to the next generation!
In this case, however, the parents aren't exactly youngsters. Baby Lila's father, Rob McDuff, is a long time friend of both Steve and myself, and an old-timer in the poverty law business in the deep South, who just happened to be very late in finding the love og his life, Emily, and in becoming a father!
It was such surprising and happy news that I was excited to make a quilt for this baby, even though she lives in Jackson, MS, and/or New Orleans, LA, and I have no idea whether I'll ever meet her.

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