Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Welcome to Disney World

I'd had several fat quarters of Mickey Mouse fabrics for several years and also some additional yardage. So when I heard that my good friend and former colleague Alex Rundlet and his wife were having a baby, I thought this would be perfect, since they live in Florida, the land of Disney. I copied this modified 9-patch pattern from a magazine, thought I needed some kind of variation from the same-old, same-old! and ended up with a 36" x 47" hand pieced and hand quilted quilt.
For a while, though, I was afraid I would never get it to Alex, Karen and their baby, because it was exceedingly hard to find out 1) whether their baby had been born, and 2) what the gender and name of the baby was. Alex was apparently way too caught up to make any announcement on his own, but I did see some "chatter" on his facebook wall which seemed to indicate that a Rundlet baby had been born. So I asked whether it was Alex or his identical twin brother who had become a father. A person unknown to me - let's call him Craig because I fail to remember his name - wrote back on Alex' wall and said that both Alex and his twin had become fathers within a week of each other. Nevertheless, I still could not get any information about the gender or name of the child.

I have an "obsession"? with labels on quilts, and think that before I give a baby quilt to somebody, I have to put the child's name on it - along with my name. I do not recall how long it took, but Alex finally did get around to letting me and the rest of the world know that Baby Celia Clare Rundlet had been born.

I have since heard from both him and Karen and seen pictures of the beautiful child. And according to Karen, Alex is totally smitten by her. She will probably get to go to Disney World as often as she wants to, all she has to do is ask her Daddy.

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