Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Kevin Doyle

This T-shirt quilt was a present for my dear friend and mentor, Kevin Doyle. Kevin was one of the first lawyers I knew and admired for his skills and commitment as a criminal defense lawyer. While I was still in law school, Kevin was a federal defender and as part of a clinical program, I was assigned to work with Kevin during my third year of law school. In addition to having a lot of fun, I learned a lot about the law, about how to deal with clients, about how to try a case, and how to deal with judges and prosecutors. I even had the opportunity to sit at counsel table while Kevin tried a case where he represented a man who was accused of selling bombs to an undercover government agent.

Many years later, when I was working at the Southern Center for Human Rights in Atlanta doing capital defense work, Kevin and his family moved to Birmingham where Kevin had taken a job defending people on death row in Alabama, so out paths crossed again.

Kevin is not doing well right now, having to undergo chemotherapy for cancer, so I thought a quilt might be helpful to keep him warm and cozy during this tough time. I picked out some death penalty T-shirts from my stash and machine pieced this throw for him. It was machine quilted by Regina Carter.

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