Tuesday, October 10, 2006

MaryRuth's Quilt

In the early fall of 2006, my friend MaryRuth was diagnosed with terminal brain cancer. Since, again, I had no idea of anything at all I could do to help, I made her a quilt. I made it very quickly because I wanted her to have it for as long as possible - and unfortunately, time was of the essence. The star blocks in the corners were some I had already. I think that perhaps Mary Lou made them, but I may also have gotten them from somewhere else. I supplemented them with blue 9-patches because it was fast. Sara made one of the blocks to help out. Regina Carter did the machine quilting.
Interestingly, I am very sure that MaryRuth liked the back much more so than the top. She wrote to me: "I love the angels (I generally wear an angel pin). I love the doves, I consider doves my symbol. When I write a letter on plain paper, I take a pastel blue marker and draw an outline of a dove across the paper. So doves on my quilt are very special." I am glad that I completely unwittingly added some elements to the quilt which had particular meaning for MaryRuth.

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