Thursday, December 29, 2005

Laurel Burch for William

In 2005, my cousin Birgitte - much to everybody's surprise (including her own) - became pregnant. I made this baby quilt - with almost all Laurel Burch fabrics - for William. The back of the quilt is also Laurel Burch fabrics.
We were all so very surprised because it had been determined a while back that Birgitte could not have children. As a result, she and Rasmus had adopted Yonas from Ethiopia about 6 months before she became pregnant. Of course, William became a loved and lovely little brother to Yonas. And it looks to me as if William was very happy with this quilt!
I had also made a quilt for Yonas when he came home with his parents from Ethiopia, but I cannot find a picture of it. Here is a picture of Yonas who is a lot more handsome than his quilt was anyway!

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