Sunday, December 25, 2005

Frogs Frogs

Starting when he was a very little boy, my nephew Emil LOVED frogs. He loved everything green, and really preferred that everything was green, most specifically his clothes - he said yellow was light green, so that was OK at times as well.

A couple of years earlier I had started the tradition of making what I called a "Big Boy" or a "Big Girl" quilt for each of my nieces and nephews for their 5th birthday. I obviously had to make frogs for Emil's Big Boy quilt, so I started to collect frogs - it is amazing just how many frog fabrics there are. I know I had close to 30 different kinds and after I made the quilt, I kept looking for frogs out of force of habit and I am still constantly seeing new ones. Emil really liked his quilt - even though by then (to my great disappointment) his interest in frogs had begun to wane; "frogs are for babies" he proclaimed!

Of course I still had lots of frogs left and fortunate for me, my sister-in-law, Katie, is also a frog lover - I guess frogs aren't just for babies after all! So I took the opportunity to make her a quilt for Christmas (after I managed to have the drawing rigged so I would get her name that year!)

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