Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Happy Triangles

This colorful batik quilt started out as a kit which I bought years earlier at Intown Quilters when I had a coupon for a good deal.  But the kit was only for a throw sized quilt, so I added quite a bit of my own fabric to make it much larger, and added the borders and the back as well.

It ended up being about 83" square, which I decided was big enough for a wedding quilt.  I hadn't intended for it to be square - but somewhere along the way I made a miscalculation, or lost some blocks.  At any rate by the time I put the blocks together, square it was and I was too done with it and too ready to have it finished, to go back to making more squares.

I was making the quilt as a wedding present for my very dear friend and former colleague, the one and only Sara Totonchi, executive director of the Southern Center for Human Rights.  And as things were going, I was rapidly approaching the one year anniversary of Sara's wedding to John Therkelsen!  So I was really running out of time!

As always, it was machine quilted by Regina Carter, this time using a pattern called spirals galore.

At first I was worried that naming the quilt "Happy Triangles," was somewhat inappropriate for a wedding quilt, but as it turned out, because I was so late in actually giving Sara and John the quilt, by the time they got it, Sara was pregnant with what turned out to be their absolutely adorable son, Max, who compled their happy triangle!

Can you imagine anything cuter on this quilt?  I usually love getting a photo of the baby on her or his quilt when I give away a baby quilt, but come to think of it, a photo of a cute baby on any quilt I give away is a pretty good idea!  He is even dressed to match the quilt!


Lynette said...

What a fantastic quilt! I love that border for it. So fun for Baby to matching, too. :)

scraphappy said...

Nothing is cuter than a baby on a quilt. Love it!

sew katie did said...

Baby on quilt = love