Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Tea Cozy Cover

I made this because my sister asked if I could make a new cover for her tea cozy.  I actually generally hate to sew anything which is not a quilt.  So if it had been pretty much anybody else who had asked me to sew anything else - other than a quilt - I would have tried really hard to find a way to say no.

It's not just that I dislike doing other kinds of sewing, I also have some kind of mental block against it.  Even when there are things I would like to make, I just can't get it done.  Over the years, I have seen plenty of fun or cute little things in qulting magazines which I have thought I might want to make, but every time I take on something other than an actual quilt, without a fail, I get started, but then I get stuck and it takes me forever to finish the project.  Sometimes a small easy project will sit in a box somewhere for years before I finally get back to it and finish it!

But my sister wanted a new cover for her tea cozy - and her old cover was pretty ratty, worn out, and discolored.  My other incentive was that I had this really cool fabric, some retro fabric which would be just right for my sister's kitchen - both in style and color.  I've always loved that my sister and her husband painted their kitchen, and the attached dining area, orange (and I actually many years later copied them and painted my own, MUCH smaller, kitchen orange as well).  And, as you can see in the picture the fine fabric by Jenn Ski was as made for their kitchen.  Nevertheless, I am NOT going to go ahead and make dish-towels, aprons, and potholders with the rest of the fabric of that line.  Nor, am I, most likely, going to make curtains for their kitchen.

On the other hand, I actually don't have a plan for the fabric yet, so we will just all have to stand by, armed with patience, and wait if we want to see what will become of it.  Or rather, to see what kind of quilt will become of it.

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