Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Tropical Seas

I made this quilt because I, a few years previous, had bought a hand full of fat quarters which appealed to me, both because of their unusual colors and the whimsical depictions of mermaids, seahorses, and jellyfish.  Those fat quarters were my start and I pulled lots of matching fabrics from my stash.  I love when I am able to go shopping in my stash and find enough fabric, like this to make what I think is a great quilt, without having to purchase any additional fabric at all.  

This quilt is a baby quilt I made for the second daughter born to my friend and former colleague, Mary Sidney, at the Southern Center.  I have no idea how many years Mary Sidney and I worked together, but she has been at the Southern Center for many years.  Unfortunately, both of her children were born after I moved away, as were just about all the Southern Center children, so I do not know them.  But I am sure Mary Sidney and Harrold are super great parents.

The 51" square quilt was machine quilted by Regina Carter who, quite appropriately, used a pattern called Fancy Fish!

This picture of Baby Amelia - obviously made quite a while after she ceased being a baby - shows her playing with her older sister, Ellie.

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