Wednesday, June 1, 2011


This quilt was made from a kit I bought at the spur of the moment.  I had pretty much finished shopping, had spent considerable time in the quilt store, and had all my fabric selections cut, when I came upon this line of fabric by Pamela Mostek which immediately appealed to me.  I love the bright colors and the zebra stripes in several different colors.  But what originally caught my attention was the poppies - we have a beautiful bunch of big red poppies by the gate to our yard, which I was very excited to discover the late spring of 2009, after we moved to Kentucky in July, 2008.  In Denmark, where I grew up and which I visit every summer, wild poppies grow along the edges of the fields and occasionally across an entire field which has been left to lie fallow, and I always marvel when I see the bright red splotches in the landscape.  They're so fragile, their petals thin as silk, and if you're picking wildflowers, you know better than try to include them, because they won't survive until you get home, yet their strong red color over powers anything else out there in the field.

So I knew I "had to have" some of the fabrics.  Nevertheless, I was too tired to figure out what I might do with them if I bought them and thus no idea how much to get of each different print.  Thus, when I discovered the kit already assembled, I was overjoyed;  somebody else had done all the thinking and figuring, and I bought the kit

I much prefer real living poppies in my yard, but unfortunately, they don't bloom for very long at all.  Now, with this quilt finished, I have beautiful poppies in the house every single day of the year!

I pieced the 55" x 55" quilt and it was machine quilted using the pattern Bubble Play by Regina Carter.

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