Monday, September 27, 2010

Hip Hop

Even though I have already made two complete frog quilts, I still have lots of frog fabrics left. It is quite amazing how much frog fabric I managed to buy when I was collecting them to make a quilt for my nephew several years ago. I obviously didn't at all try to buy only as much as I would need for that quilt! Oh well, since when have I ever done that? If I did, I wouldn't have any kind of a stash. Nevertheless, I am a bit amazed at how this frog fabric collection is still quite substantial.

So, here comes a froggy baby quilt, which I made for my good friends Mike and Amy in Atlanta when they became parents for the first time in June.
Their adorable daughter, Elena Lucille, was born the day before my birthday, and though I have yet to have the pleasure of meeting her, I am sure that with parents like Mike and Amy, she will grow up to be quite an amazing person. She is bound to turn out to like not only frogs, but also to honor and appreciate all other living creatures.

I was quite happy with this, my second adventure into using clip-art to spice up the label.

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