Friday, February 5, 2010

Tiny Tree Skirt

A couple of years ago, Michelle and I made tree skirts from a pattern I had bought. I kind of made her do it with me but as it turned out we had lots of fun. Since we never have a big tree, I gave mine to my sister - but I have never heard whether she has used it? Then, subsequently I decided to make a tiny one - it is about 24" across - for my own tiny tree. It was only finished now, in January! several years later. But I will surely use it this year.

The tree skirts aren't at all hard to make, with the pattern I have. So why did it take so long? Because there are too many quilts to make and too little time, I guess. The only reason it actually was finally finished, was because of the Closer Club. Thank you Michelle, Closecutive Extraordinaire. (And for those of you who don't understand this reference, don't worry, it is really very much of an inside reference :))

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