Friday, November 14, 2008

Charity Quilts II

It didn't take me too long after moving to Kentucky before I met some quilters. The first one is a volunteer at the Humane Society - where my sister-in-law worked and now volunteers. I met Bev at a party for Sallie where the Shelter presented her with a wall quilt.

Bev invited me to visit her quilt guild and I have been going regularly. One of the members there collects quilts for children in need. It is part of "The Backpack Program." Backpacks with various useful items, a toy, and a quilt are made and given to the State Police who in turn give them to children whom they have to remove from Meth Lab homes.

I made these two tops for the project one day where quilters gathered for this project, and hope to continue to contribute to it. Fortunately, some of the participants are more than happy to do the quilting, so I have committed only to doing tops.

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hilaryford said...

Hello Charlotta,
I love seeing your quilts; you are so creative AND prolific.
So now that you've joined a guild in Kentucky, you can join me in saying, "in my old guild"!
Looking forward to seeing you soon,
With love, Hilary