Saturday, December 15, 2007

Crazy or Liberated Nine Patches

The term "liberated quilting or piecing" is used - by me at least! - to describe methods of making quilts which doesn't use traditional blocks and settings but are more free-form, less rigorous and linear. I have several books with inspirations and/or directions for that type of quilting, and I have long admired my friend Helen Thompson's quilts, which are spontaneous and beautiful.

While it really is a contradiction in terms to use patterns to make "liberated quilts," I used one from a book, The Casual Quilter, by Robin Strobel, to make this quilt of crazy or tipsy 9-patches. I used bright fabrics bought some years back following inspiration from Taffy who made lots of amazing very bright quilts.

I gave the quilt, which was machine quilted by Regina Carter, to Hannah when she graduated from nursing school. In this picture Hannah and her mother, Murphy, hold the quilt.

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