Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Ana's Fruit and Veggies Quilt

After Henri's quilt, I started thinking about what to make for Ana. Pink was a given, but then what? I had seen some cool fruit and vegetable fabrics and decided they would make a cute and colorful quilt if nothing else. And maybe I could get away with saying that I was inspired by Ana's sometime nick name: Ana Banana. So I started scouting for those kinds of fabrics and was amazed to learn just how many different ones I could find.

Ana seemed to like her quilt which I think she might have been expecting after I made one for her brother. I think she was surprised by the nature of the quilt, having possibly anticipated fairies, princesses or something equally girly. But she was fine with the veggies and fruits and proudly told me: "I even like fruits and vegetables." The quilt was machine quilted by Regina Carter.

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