Saturday, November 15, 2003

Drunkard's Path

I had always liked the drunkard's path, though I had no idea quite how versatile it is. I put off trying it as I was weary about piecing curves and really didn't like the idea of having to cut an entire quilt using templates. But, I bought these fabrics on line and decided they would work well with this pattern. I didn't plan ahead but made a whole bunch of blocks, and when I got ready to put them together, I had no idea what to do and was completely at a loss. I finally called my friend Taffy for help and she invited me over. I brought my blocks and we spent some time - or rather, Taffy spent some time while I watched - figuring out what would work. Taffy designed the quilt and sent me home to make some more blocks and it finally came together. It was machine quilted by Regina Carter.

I gave the quilt to my cousin Birgitte as a wedding present for her and Rasmus. But, in the summer of 2008, I got it back. They had bought a new and bigger bed and I volunteered to enlarge the quilt so it would fit the new bed. After consulting with friends in Atlanta, I decided that it would make a lot more sense and be a lot more satisfying if I made a new bigger quilt for Birgitte and Rasmus and just kept this one. Time will show how their new quilt turns out! And meanwhile I am enjoying this one.

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